Benefits of Coco Peat / Pith & Coir Fiber

Growers are becoming aware of the importance of Coco peat coco coir growing substrate. To get the Coco Coir from the Coconut husk it goes through many stages of grading processes – ageing, washing, grinding, drying and compressing. This ensures that the chemical and physical characteristics of the coco are altered to ensure the best quality Coco Coir for growing plants in.

  • Coco has an ideal pH.
  • Coco holds 22% air even when fully saturated-hydrated.
  • Coco has excellent drainage properties.
  • Coco has anti-fungicidal properties which help plants to get rid of soil-borne diseases.
  • Coco peat is 100% Environmental friendly (eco-friendly).
  • Coco peat is 100% renewable.
  • Coco peat is easy to hydrate.

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